Sunday, September 19, 2010

Winter blues and Sassy Minerals

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I am presently at home with a cold -sore nose, throat and ears.... so pretty! So you can imagine how excited I was to get my first package from Sassy minerals today containing samples of eye shadows that caught my eye and a couple of foundation samples as well.

Firstly can I say I am impressed by the packaging - samples at 75 US cents sent in sample jars - I am very anti-baggie let me tell you. I immediately swatched the eyes shadow samples on my hand -bare hand -and the colours are stunning. I went for shimmer colours - mattes just emphasise my dry eye lids (ewwwww).

I am yet to give these a really good go but first impressions count for me and here are mine so far:
1. Website design - fabulous
2. Sample Price - outstanding
3. Eye Shadow Colour Range - excellent
4. Shipping charges - reasonable
5. Shipping speed - again very reasonable.
6. Samples in jars - WINNER

I have since recovered from my cold and am feeling much better. More to come on my love for Sassy and Mineral Makeup to come.

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