Sunday, September 19, 2010

Products I loved - August 2010

This has been reposted from my livejournal
This month I have been loving the following:
  1. MAC Tech Foundation
  2. MAC All that Glitters eye shadows
  3. MAXFACTOR False Lash Effect Mascara
  4. Brit Spears Perfume in Midnight Fantasy - shh don't tell anyone but I still get compliments all the time
  5. Lancome Benefit Multi Vital Moisturiser - my mum said my wrinkles were diminished when she saw me - and she wouldn't lie
  6. Nivea Lip Balm in Star Fruit

This month I was totally over
  1. Covergirl Advanced Radiance Foundation - be empty already
  2. Lip Gloss apart from my ELF Hypershine - too hard it's winter and I feel like crap.

I also regretted purchasing

  1. John Frieda Luxurious Volumes Shampoo and Conditioner - too dry and no body
  2. Baptiste Tropical smelling dry shampoo - coconut smelling dirty hair made pretty again... better idea in my head rather than in reality


  1. I was watching a video today where pinkiecharm was talking about a Bath and Body Works scent called Dark Kiss that she said was very similar to Midnight Fantasy (shudder). If Steggers is going to be near a BBW you should add some to your list.

  2. Oh...I have 100mls of Midnight Fantasy I'm sure I'll be sick of it by then. Or maybe not. lol