Sunday, September 19, 2010

Second Impressions - a review of Rimmel's Glam'eyes Mascara

This has been reposted from my livejournal

I obtained a tube of Rimmel's Galm'eyes mascara as part of a freebie deal Rimmel were offering at the time. I tried it once - ended up with mascara all over my eye lid and promptly labeled it a dud... no wonder it came as a freebie.

Well today... inspired by finally starting to feel better... I decided to look at it again. Firstly I noticed the bush - it has two long sections (like a comb) and opposite those it has two short sections (this part looks like a lash blast brush). Ah-ha.... I think I realised my first mistake... twirling the brush around on my lashes = big mess.

This time I used the longer sections to coat and lengthen my lashes - a good result. I then tried to use the shorter section but again more practice may be required here.

Anyway all of this to show you what happened to my lashes.... pretty pretty.

I should also note I put some of Sassy Minerals Pixie Sprinkles all over my lid (oh I heart this eye shadow).

And now with eyes open....

And the brows... I know... a job for next weekend.

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