Sunday, September 19, 2010

EOTD - Green sparkle

 This has been reposted from my livejournal

So I am ending my blogg-a-thon of the last couple of days with an Eye Of The Day or EOTD for those in the know... I had to figure it out for myself. Now I am known for being a neutrals queen - Makeup BFF D often ribs me for having eye shadows and lip sticks all the same colour lol.

After turning 35 this year I have decided I need to be more adventurous and here was an attempt at that. A sweet work mate by the name of Nat gave me a sample of a green MAC pigment which had been sitting in my makeup drawer loved but unused for the best part of 6 months. Then bravely one day a couple of weeks ago I took it out and this was the result.

I'm sorry I don't know the actual name of the pigment but it's gorgeous.
The highlight is an Inglot colour -already in a palette so no way to know what the number of that one is
Mascara - Maxfactor False Lash Effect

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