Monday, September 20, 2010

An update on P10P Round 3 and a little sister challenge

This has been reposted from my livejournal account.

Ok let's start with an update on P10P Round 3. As of today I have made my way through 5 products with another couple to be finished soon. I imagine that this one will be over by the end of the month for sure.

To my complete frustration my covergirl foundation refuses to end... it's either a tool of the devil sent to try me or a total bargain. I shamefully confess I used excess pumps this morning in a vain hope that the end of the bottle would appear. I wont do it again... think of it more as a helping hand... this bottle's suffering must be eased. It almost makes me feel sick to put it on my face now but I know that's just my brain saying "you need new stuff.... go buy MAC foundation...." Shut up brain - you don't know me!

Anyway enough of the window into the crazy bat shit world that exists in my head... and onto the sister project challenge.

Recently the most lovely Makeup BFF D and I went into together in a perfume sample order from the etsy store Flourish. Today I was presented with my samples and those the nose of BFF D and her beloved daughter noodle arms rejected. I thought it would be a fun challenge for the rest of September for me to wear a different fragrance everyday - weekends off - to try and work my way through the samples and finally figure out exactly what it is I like.

Updates to follow.

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