Saturday, December 11, 2010

Finally! Ulta3 Nail Polish in Adelaide

Ever since I saw some gorgeous NOTDs on Lovely Gangster's blog using Ulta3 Nail Polish I have been searching random locations in Adelaide trying to buy some of my own and today I hit jackpot at Chemistworks Ingle Farm.

Ulta3 polishes come in a great range of colours and seem to be stocked at random chemists across the country. The bin I found today had a reasonable selection of colours (including glitters, top coats and the very trendy cocoa bean colour) and all for the low price of $2. I picked up 6 to try out - yes I know I have a problem - I purchased Sweet Violet, Waterlily, Elegant Mauve, Earth, Envy and Jelly Bean.

Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary so we are heading off in a couple of hours to stay somewhere nice but when I get back home I'll be sure to do some tip swatches at least :)

EDIT: Can I also recommend looking at More Nail Polish as well. There are just heaps of Ulta3 swatches there.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Happy wedding anniversary Jac! Have a nice day :)
    Chemmart had a sale on Ulta3. I stocked up on some eyeliners from the Glenelg store :)

  2. Oh thanks Su :)
    We are staying at the Grand in Glenelg tonight... can I make an excuse to swing past a chemist? lol Ingle Farm had the whole makeup range as well by the look - I just got sidetracked by nail polishes.

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! Great that you finally found some Ulta3, but beware, they are addictive! :P