Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Don't Blame Me: Wet and Wild Part 2 (pic heavy)

This is the second part of my Wet n Wild Overview.... To view part one click here.

Color Icon Eye Shadow Trios (Price $3.00)

I have the Trio called Walking on Eggshells and it has to be one of my favourite eye shadow palettes. I mean look at the bottom colour alone in that swatch... I would pay anything for a colour as creamy and gorgeous as that. This is a fool proof neutral eye palette to match with the best on offer. I am often found wearing either this palette or colours from it being a lover of all things neutral. These palettes come in 6 different combinations with great looking greens and purples. If you try nothing else from this brand please please try this palette...

Ultimate Expression Compact (Price: $4.99 USD)

Palette pictured is Sand Castle

This was one of the first items I purchased and in true palette style I don't think I have ever used it - despite the fact that the colours are gorgeous. Underneath is a slide out mirror which is very handy if you ask me. The shadows in this palette are of similar quality to the singles and I have swatched them below.

Swatch order is left side colours top to bottom, then middle row again 
top to bottom and finally right side colours top to bottom (no flash).

So pretty and so pigmented as you can see. I really must give this palette some love and use it! There are 3 colour options available in this palette.

Mega Glo Illuminating Powder (Price: $3.99 USD)

This is what suckered me in originally... pretty right? Let's have a closer look...

Pictured Powder is in Spotlight Peach and is swatched below

Pictured Powder is in Catwalk Pink and is swatched below

Out of the two I have say I prefer Catwalk Pink even though I normally adore peach tones. The only reason I love the pink one more is because the other one is so pigmented that I can look a little clownish. There are 4 colours available so check them out... I highly recommend!

Bronzer (Price $2.99 USD)

Pictured colour is Acapulco Glow

I love this bronzer but I guess technically it is more of an illuminator. It has a really nice shimmer to it... but nothing disco ball. This is my second one... I used one up last summer when I needed a pick me up for my mineral makeup (which is very matte). There are 3 colours in the bronzer range but Acapulco Glow is the pick of the litter for me being a pale girl.

Silk Finish Lipstick (Price: $1.10 USD)

Pictured colour is 547B Breeze

This colour was recommended by Emilynoel and it's pretty much the reason I love her... if she recommends a colour 99% chance I will love it too. This is a lovely lipstick... a light finish that reminds me of the NYX Round Lipsticks which are $2+. There is a slight scent in the tube but once one I can neither smell or taste anything. There are 30 colours currently up on Nonpareil but this is the only one I have so I can't say if the formula is consistent across the range but for $1.10 I think it's worth the risk if you are interested to try.

Now I have another 2 products to review so I'm going to go to a Part 3 ... but that should go up in an hour or so because I am off to write part 3 now. I guess it's fair to say that I love wet n wild!

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