Thursday, December 9, 2010 this is a HAUL...

I think I mentioned previously that one of my makeup BFF's Steggers was headed to the US... and had kindly agreed to become a personal shopper for me and my enormous list of wants.
Well yesterday the lovely Steggers, Dee and I had a lunch where we all shared our latest hauls... and Steggers handed over all of my stuff as well. Now for the scary pics...

From MAC....

Items shown include Studio Sculpt Foundation (NW15), Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (Medium), Studio Fix Lash Mascara, Opulash Mascara, Cremesheen Glass (Fashion Whim) and Eye shadows (Pink Venus, Greensmoke, Shroom and Ricepaper). Swatches to come later.

And then from the Drugstore:

 Items shown include Maybelline Eyeshadow Trio (Bronze Glitz), Covergirl Trio (Shimmering Sands) and Covergirl Singles (Mink and Golden Sunrise).

And then before she left Steggers and I did an order with Eyeko....
Items shown include Fat Balm (Toffee), Graffiti Eyeliner Pen (Navy) and Nail Polish (Rain). FAT BALM lol.

And I even got a souvenir ... how cute is this?

It feels like Christmas has come early... and I'd love to say nothing else is on the way... but sadly I have been on a spending binge and have MORE nail polish, some Etsy lip balms from a shop recommended by Pinkie Charm and the Fall Festival Palette from Coastal Scents on the way. eek!

On the plus side I have 6 weeks of rec leave coming up starting December 20 and will be painting the house so I should be too tired to shop. I do have a quick trip to Melbourne planned to visit my mum ... and maybe a little stroll past the Illamasqua counter (I have wanted a liquid metal for ages)... and then it's time for rehab or wherever it is we makeup junkies go to settle down and let our credit cards rest up ;p.

Please tell me I am not the only one who has been shopping online... confession is good for the soul! lol


  1. So have you swatched the drugstore eyeshadows yet? What are they like?

  2. Nothing swatched yet and I probably wont get to it until late Sunday either. Sigh.

  3. Wow - that Steggers must be a great friend to take time out of her busy holiday to be your personal shopper!!!! lol x

    I will post a picture of my haul over the next couple of days when I work out where my camera is. I've been back for 8 days now, haven't printed photos, charged my camera, nor have I unpacked anything but the essentials.

    But for anyone who wants to see my huge Mac and Sephora haul, check out my blog in about 3 days and hopefully i'll have some pics up.

  4. Enviable haul there! I like your style ;)
    Makeup rehab coming up for me in about 3 weeks time - boo hiss !

  5. Just letting you know, I've blogged my USA Haul!! It was an effort let me tell you!!!