Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Long Time Coming...

When we first purchased our home, the husband and I had grand plans. Well recently we had one of our built in wardrobes replaced and it ended up being a heap of work because behind the existing built in was wallpaper and multiple layers of paint. I thought the easiest way to show you this one is through the pics from the old to the new....

Now it does look a little messy at the top because we haven't organised that yet... and the "tasteful" yellow and burgundy walls are going to be replaced when we paint in a similar tone to the doors. More importantly we can hide the TV during the day AND I can now see what I look like before I leave the house in that gorgeous mirror!

Bonus points if you noticed the Zhu Zhu pets (they will be gone soon) lol


  1. LMAO - can I just say, the first thing I noticed was the very old tv....and as the pictures scrolled down, I noticed the NEW tv!! lol.

    You should check out my built in one day...its floor to ceiling, wall to wall, MIRRORS!!!!!

  2. I didn't mention that... but trust you to notice! lol

    Just such a shame that because the room is so small I couldn't get an all-in-one shot.