Monday, May 30, 2011

And now we return to your regularly scheduled programming...

Some of you may be aware Blogger has had some issues lately. As far as I can tell (on my blog) these seem to have been resolved ... finally. This means I can log in, read blogs on my dashboard again and most importantly comment.

I'd also like to say welcome to some new followers - hope you enjoy my take on things :)

Watch this space for more cos I'm baaaack!

Jac x


  1. Brilliant, Im new but loved your blogs so far!! x

  2. Congrats on 60 followers! Glad it's all sorted :)

  3. Thanks guys! Feeling the love -and that is always nice x

    OMG I didn't even realise I had hit 60 followers... sounds like time for a give away to me...hee hee (off to plot and plan now).

  4. Thank you so much for the follow lovely <3 Following you back :)

  5. Hi Fables - welcome and hoping you like what you read here. :)