Sunday, May 8, 2011

Let the Hauling Begin (pic heavy)

If you are one of those people who hates examples of utter wasteful consumerism can I suggest you not visit my blog for a least a couple of weeks. Due to a temp. promotion at work allowing me extra income, a birthday that is TODAY and multiple orders (completed at different times) but strangely arriving together this is about to get messy people.

So let's begin with my Strawberrynet order that arrived a couple of days ago. I normally get a 5% discount on Snet but combine that with a 10% off makeup sale as well and I decided to take a punt on some new makeup items.


Pixie Energy Blush in 04 Golden Energy


Pixie Eye Beauty Palette in Mango


Victoria's Secret Eyeshadow Brown Sugar

Calvin Klein Sheer Creme Eye shadows (Champagne Satin -303 and Sheer Nectar - 302)

Being that today is Mother's Day I'd like to send my wishes to all the mums out there - including step mums like myself. Yay for all of us!


  1. Happy Mothers Day, Happy Birthday and congratulations on your temporary promotion! Nice haul. I'm looking forward to the rest of your haul posts :)

  2. Happy birthday from one Taurean to another. Glad to see I'm not the only one who buys extra birthday treats for herself!

  3. Promo, temporary or otherwise is very worthy of a haul! Good Job!

    CK stuff looks good enough to eat. How do you find the Pixi stuff?

  4. Happy Birthday! (:

    Those CK shadows & Pixi blush look gorgeous!

  5. i like the golden shimmery of the eye palette.

  6. Can you review the Pixi products? Been wanting to try them for ages.

  7. Very happy Birthday to you and T for yesterday! Happy Mother's Day too! Hope you had a great day :)
    What a great haul! I have been eyeing the Pixi stuff on SN too, looks so cute! Can't wait for your reviews to get them! I too made use of the 10% (+ 7.5% loyalty discount) promo (got serum de rouge :))

  8. Thanks to everyone for your lovely birthday/mother's day wishes :)

    GQ - thanks and don't worry there are more to come lol.

    Vita - Go Taurus...if no one pampers us we pamper ourselves :)

    Me My Best and I - haven't tried anything yet so will have to report back.

    Michelle - the CK eye shadows look lovely - am almost scared to dip my fingers in and ruin them.

    Prettymom- I hope they look as pretty on as they do in the pan.

    Vintage - FYI Dee has done a review on a different palette but will make the pixi stuff a priority to road test.

    Tegan - thanks lovely

    Su - the old Snet discount... how they got us all addicted :D