Thursday, May 5, 2011

Face of Australia Mineral Lip Shines

Being a complete lipstick freak when I heard about Face of Australia's Mineral Lip Shines I was all over it. I  picked up two colours (Twilight Glow and Beach House) and after spending a couple of weeks with these lovelies, I just have to say I LOVE them! Prepare for a complete product rave and some lip swatches peeps.

According to FOA's website these are:
  • infused with natural mineral pigments to deliver radiant shine and sheer colour
  • contains antioxidant vitamins and skin hydrating ingredients
  • natural sun protection filters shield lips from everyday environmental aggressors
According to me - I say yes, yes and Amen! Now let's look at some pretty pictures -

 Pictured: Twilight Glow and Beach House

 Pictured: Beach House (top) and Twilight Glow(bottom)

 Pictured: bare lips

  Pictured: Twilight Glow

  Pictured: Beach House

  Pictured: External packaging - nice and sleek

The final words:
  • These retail for around $13 although I managed to get mine on a 20% off sale
  • There are 7 shades in the range
  • Great packaging - safe for bags - that lid is nice and secure
  • So soft and smooth they really condition my lips 
  • I think I want some more (bahahaha - well that is my version of an evil laugh).
Have you had a chance to try these or any of the FOA lip products - what did you think?


  1. Despite its name, Twilight Glow is rather nice looking. d:

  2. does beach house come out frosty? or just gold?

  3. Michelle - lol not a Twilight fan? Me neither

    Tegan - they have a shimmer finish more than a frosty finish. I find Beach House more pigmented and shimmery than TG. HTH :)

  4. They look nice! Will be checking this out soon. I want Twilight Glow :)
    So these Lip Shines are in between lipstick and gloss?

  5. Noice! I loves Fairy Floss.

  6. They look lovely on you! I look terrible in anything frosty though :(

    Great bargain!

  7. Su - yeah less shiny than a MAC lusture but more lipsticky than a lip balm. TG is awesome.

    Dee - I reckon FF would be too pink for me but I am eyeing off Oyster Shell.

    Jen W - I hate frosty lipsticks too. These are very forgiving - and TG isn't frosty at all IMO. You'll see what I mean if you swatch the testers.

  8. I've got Fairy Floss too, I should really dig it out and review it for the blog :)

  9. Very pretty! They seem to shimmery for my taste though.