Sunday, May 1, 2011

Favourites April 2011

When I went looking for my last favourites post I realised I haven't done one of these since OCTOBER. I think with summer and each emergency that happened (the floods, the cyclones, the earthquakes, the fires, the nuclear emergency, now tornadoes etc...) and specifically because of the nature of my 'real job',  my focus has been everywhere except here. Lucky for me I eventually come back to seek comfort in my stash (or try increasing it) when times get tough.

April has been a craptacular month for me personally, I've spent it battling the stress of a starting a new job, finishing my old job, constant hay fever (pick a season already Adelaide!), sinus infections, laryngitis and attempting to eat my weight in chocolate. As you can imagine this doesn't scream out "you look pretty" and my favourites really reflect that this month - think comfort and wanting to look less like death warmed up.

Foundation: This month I was testing FOA's Liquid Mineral (review done) and Bourjois' Healthy Mix (review coming) Foundations but when I had a choice I sought comfort in Maybelline's Dream Smooth Mousse (review coming).
Blush: MAC's Tenderling.
Powder: Rimmel Silky Loose face powder - I am yet to use a foundation this doesn't work with.

Eyeshadow: I was all over the place this month, often wearing no eye makeup so I could freely rub my eyes but my favourite look was from Physician's Formula Eyeshadow Trio in Baked Spices (review coming).
Mascara: MAC Opulash ( you guess it ....a review is coming)

Blush: MAC's Tenderling
Lipstick/Product: Hands down this was FOA's Mineral Lip Shine in Twilight Glow - such a comfort product and I just love them (a review is coming very soon but for now a swatch)

Skincare: Oilatum Natural Repair Face Cream (review coming)
Hair: Was too tired to care - sorry but as long as it was clean it was good enough for me.
Perfume: Oh perfume I remember you...I was completely scentless this month. I was very much looking forward to trying Su's fragrances but was too irritated to wear anything at all. I even had to switch back to a scentless soap from my usual body wash. MASSIVE SAD FACE!
Other: This is the Zoya month. After obtaining their Intimate Collection from eBay I have done a few orders for other shades from nails etc (I have a problem!) and I am very impressed. There are some NOTD pics to come from this collection very soon. This collection can be split into two groups for me - the purples and the others.

  From left to right: Dove, Gemma and Jules (the others)

  From left to right: Dannii, Marley (my fav) and Caitlin (the purples)

What were your favourites of the month?


  1. Some great products :) I'll be looking forward to reading your reviews, especially interested in the Rimmel Powder.

    As for me, too many products to mention, loving the Sassy Minerals Blushes and Illamasqua Static (that was soo last month, still loving it :))

  2. I love MAC's Tenderling too. Have been very interested in trying Oilatum as well so looking forward to your review. (:

  3. Su - I love Sassy e.s but haven't given much else the time of day. The Rimmel powder is really nice. I got mine for $20 at Priceline - Dazzeldust25 mentioned it a while ago which is when I picked it up. Illamasqua...I haven't dipped my toe there yet because I suspect it will get expensive -and quickly. :D

    Michelle - Tenderling is so underrated IMO. I got the Oilatum from ebay and I have to say it's kicking my Lancome moisturiser's butt. It doesn't have SPF though :(

  4. Nice favourites! I might check out the Rimmel loose powder at Priceline. I NEED a loose powder.. heehee

  5. I haven't done a monthly favourites post for ages either, I find them boring to do even thought I love peeking at everyone else's favourites. I've never tried MAC Tenderling, but it looks preeeeetty.

  6. Can't wait for the review of the Physician's Formula Eyeshadow Trio, I've been wanting to try those. :)

  7. I hope this month is better for you xxx

  8. Pop - I'm yet to find something about the Rimmel powder that I don't like.

    Stacey - Tenderling is preeeeetty

    Vintage - Love those e/s just wish they were cheaper in Aus.

    GQ - me too! lol. Thanks x