Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A tale of Hauling and a girl called Jac.

Let me tell you a story. It's a story of a girl (me) who likes to spend money on sparkly things. And along the way I found a lot of little things to pick up and share with you.

So firstly I went to Priceline where they had a 3 for the price of two special on Bourjois.
Pictured: Healthy  Mix Foundation (51),
Healthy Mix Concealer (light) and Blush (Lune D'Or).

Next I went past Kmart and they had some pretty nail polishes from Face of Australia's Molten Metallic collection. So I got 3 for myself...

Pictured:Bronze, Iron Ore, Flaming Lava

And 3 to give away to others (more on that to come).
Pictured: Titanium, Verdigris and Amethyst

Excited by nail polish purchases at Kmart I came home and made more...um...nail polish purchases online. This time from the China Glaze and Color Club Summer Collection releases.

Pictured:Otherworldly, Wink Wink Twinkle
and Starry Temptress (top coat)

Pictured: Blue Iguana and Senorita Bonita

Satisfied with my purchases I then decided to rest.

A few days later at work I was offered the opportunity to do some higher duties which I happily accepted. The bonus being that my fortnightly salary goes up significantly during this time. So in a plan hatched between T and I we decided to split the spoils of my first increased pay. 

Around the same time as this was happening, I went into Mecca where I had some Nars foundation and blush applied. I was immediately put off by the prices though with the foundation being $99 alone.

Hours or days later I became aware that I could order the same items from KissandMakeupny for a fraction of the price and enjoy their capped $9.95 shipping rate. So I did...
Pictured: NARS Sheer Glow Foundation (Mont Blanc),
Blush (Madly), and Velvet matte Lip Pencil (Bettina)

I also picked up a beauty blender as I have been interested in these for ages...

Because I managed to acquire these items at US prices online I had moneys left over to spend on myself. I decided it was finally time to try another mail redirection service in HopShopGo and order from Sephora (can you hear the angels singing when I type that or is that just me?)

Now let's face it - if you are ordering from Sephora then there must be one item on your list...
Pictured: NAKED palette, Too Faced Caribbean in a compact
(Snow Bunny) and Stila Long wear lip colour (Darling)

Let's just have a slightly closer look at that Naked palette shall we...
Ooooh so pretty!

Now this is where things start to get stupid. I happen to be born on the same day as T and this year that day also happened to be Mother's Day.

So after getting all of that stuff in came the Birthday/Mother's Day pressies. Thankfully some were gift vouchers -HopShopGo from Dee and Steggers, while T gave me one for David Jones (which I used last weekend - but I haven't taken pics of that stuff yet). Now for some pictures...
Pictured: Sigma Synthetic Face Kit

Pictured: Katy Perry Purr perfume.

God I love that bottle so much - almost more than what is inside it. It is the most offensive cat-lover kitsch piece of fabulousness ever... let's take a closer look...

Pictured: pretty much every bath bomb/melt that Lush makes.

So after all of that I felt completely pampered, spoilt and very loved. Now I need to have a blog sale for all of my items that are sitting unloved but I'll need to work up to that.

Hope you are all having a great week, I'm off to try all my new fancy stuff x

The End.


  1. I love this post, especially how you've written it like a story. Great purchases too!

  2. I agree with Megan, you've made a haul post even better- I didn't think it was possible!
    Gorgeous stuff there =)

    xx emmabovary

  3. I'm so jealous of all these fab goodies! Please do a review of the bourjois concealer :)

  4. 1. I love Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation. I want to try their concealer and blushes. Squee!

    2. I regret buying Verdigris in favour of Flaming Lava. ):


    4. Naked Palette! How long did it take to ship from your US address? I ask this because mine is just about to leave from there.

    5. I want a review on those Sigma brushes. Stat. d:

    6. Kitty bottle! I don't care what that perfume smells like, I want it for all it's tacky glory.

    7. Lush!

    The end.

  5. WOWEEE lady you hauled good!!! I want to try the Bourjois Healthy Mix but it's like $32 at the moment mehh, I must hold out for a sale!!! I did a teeny Lush shop today teeeny :)

  6. Megan - thanks :)

    emmabovary - oh thank you so much - it's nice to know it was well received :D

    Vintage - it's on my to-do list. The short word is - very pigmented and light.

    Michelle - 1. worth it, 2. Flaming Lava drool!, 3. I now get the hype on NARS, 4. Mine came through HSG so about 3 weeks, 5. Am using rounded Kabuki and I likie, 6. OMG don't you love it so much lol and 7. Dragon's egg... bliss!

    Jade - yeah a bit of a blow out I'd say. I would hold out for Bourjois special - bit pricey but nice stuff. Can't wait to see what you got at LUSH.

  7. Amazing haul!!! Pretty polishes, Naked Palette and Nars! Awesome :)
    Purr is so cute, it is so cute and PURPLE! Gotta love that :)

  8. Hey Su - Purr is actually pretty nice. It doesn't last long but I have a 100mls to work my way through :)

  9. *salivating*.. Madly looks AMAZING!