Sunday, May 15, 2011

NOTD: Zoya's Marley

It's a creamy light purple with no shimmer and applies like a dream. I wore 2 coats with a top coat (almost a 100% sure) although you could certainly skip it as the finish is shiny.

Now you may think I've been a bit slack here as there is minor chipping but have no fear there is method to my madness readers. This picture shows Marley at DAY 5...after a week of tapping on keyboards at work, my iphone at home, as well as doing that annoying 'living' thing. DAY 5 and all I had was some minor chipping at the end - this polish is an outstanding performer.

 I also just have to apologise for my cuticles - when I am stressed I tend to nibble them (remnants of when I was a nail biter I am sure). I think I might need to book in for a manicure pronto to sort this hand out - my right hand is so much worse because you don't get to see it lol. Anyone with any cuticle remedies please leave a comment below.

And now on with our show...

I purchased this polish on eBay but I have also purchased Zoya from Nails etc... like a couple of days ago *blush*.

How gorgeous is this colour???


  1. Day 5?! That's pretty darn impressive. Pretty colour, too. (:

  2. That is beyond gorgeous! 5 days? WOW!

  3. I know guys - I was super impressed plus it's a stunning colour -even better in real life :)

  4. Wow 5 days!! Need to try me some Zoya

  5. Not to enable... but do it!!! lol