Sunday, October 3, 2010

And now for some love...

After writing such a negative (and sadly honest) review last time I wanted to switch gears and write something positive instead. There is no more deserving  topic I can think of apart from a rave about good old fashioned customer service.

I have always worked in customer service industries and have no time for people who a) do not listen to customers and b) are more focused on their processes than what is best for the customer. So I guess that makes me hyper aware of how deficient some stores are in providing good customer service... anyway I'm in danger of rambling here so let's get on with it...

I'm not sure if I have mentioned here before but I have found the most fabulous MAC lady at the David Jones in Rundle Mall Adelaide. Mishka clearly loves her job, is extremely informative and a wonderful ambassador for MAC in Australia. I know she works at MAC but her makeup is GORGEOUS - always.
Recently I went to MAC in search of a foundation, in true professional style she did my face THREE times to ensure we found the best finish/colour never once making me feel bad when I thought the finish/shade was a bit off.  She never pushes things just because they are the new flavour of the month... but rather mentions items I might be interested in based on my previous choices (well at least she makes me feel that's what is happening lol). As a result I have started adding scary shades like Steamy and Moon's Reflection (swatch coming) to my eye shadow collection under her careful tutelage.

So... if you live in or visit Adelaide then do yourself a favour and come into MAC at DJs for some refreshingly fabulous customer service while getting the makeup you would have bought anyway-  and no... I am not getting compensated by anyone for this post I just wanted to share some love.

Mishka also has a website which you can find here

Had some good customer service you want to share?

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