Friday, October 29, 2010

NOTD: Eyeko Lilac Nail Polish

Let me introduce you to Eyeko's Lilac Nail Polish. I got this polish as part of the Cult Classics collection... if you want to learn more about collection that check out this post

Now because I took this so late in the day the only place in the sun was in the backyard in front of our offensively yellow painted brick wall... previous owners please don't blame this colour has been washed out a little... think slightly amped up but still the same shade.

This pic was taken after 2 coats without any top coat.How gorgeous does it look!

I am currently looking also getting more of these in the colours rain, coral and posh (although those kinds of shades usually do nothing for my skin tone).
If you are interested in Eyeko... get yours from here

Edit: This polish lasted 5 days, with no top coat and I only have minor chipping on the edge of my nails. I am so impressed!


  1. ooh pretty colour! I love purple nails

  2. I love this colour!! I cant wait to get mine!!

  3. Stefanie... I am so stuck on purple right now...I took that off last night and now I have China Glaze's Anklet's of Amethyst on.

    Steggers... squee.... you will LOVE them all!

  4. More nail envy =) Lovely shade!