Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Trial and Error: A week with Wylde Ivy

I recently ordered a 10 sample pack from Etsy seller Wylde Ivy (I blame Stef of the Lip Print who reviewed a couple of their scents on her perfume blog Girl with the Curious Nose). Let me start by saying this is going to be a rave...yay..... because I love love love these scents and the lovely owner Ashlee has been an absolute delight.

To my surprise the number of fragrances listed was much larger than I had experienced with any other Etsy store and they were helpfully categorised by season. I was on the hunt for summer fragrances (and like lighter fragrances in general) this made it really easy for me to start looking.

The 10 perfume oil sample is $15USD which I thought was a little expensive until I smelt the quality of fragrances. Because I tend to hang out at the fruity floral end of the perfume table, I find a tendency for some fragrances to delve a little into air freshener/body wash territory... you know perfectly pleasant scent... just not what you want as a perfume.

The first time I smelt my 10 samples I loved ALL of them...even in my best orders previously there have always been one or two I have wondered why I ordered them after smelling their scent. That was sooooooo not a problem with the Wylde Ivy scents... and every one is what I consider a perfume quality blend.

Ashlee the owner also included two free samples and I loved those as well. SCORE! And I haven't even started on how gorgeous the packaging looks as well... well it does on the website... my full size bottles are still on the way.

Now that I am 5 scents in I thought it was time to share a week of Wylde Ivy (ahhhh) with you...

Island Beauty (s)
A graceful, soft blend of island florals, creamy coconut milk, and sweet sugar cane. This is a light and beautiful scent, for when you are looking for a sheer fragrance. Fresh petals and soft musks blend into a creamy milky coconut finish.  

I love everything about this scent. It is exactly as described and for me the best part is the creamy coconut... a subtle addition... one that smells gently of coconut rather than that false sweet coconut scent. The floral is a gentle note and a full size is hopefully on it's way to me now.

Fairy Wings
A beautiful, soft blend of Strawberry and sweet Orange, combined with smooth Vanilla Bean and Musk notes. This is a enchanting and very feminine fragrance. It works well for both the young and adults alike.  

This is a lovely scent for me but just feels slightly too young. It has possibly been disadvantaged by immediately following the perfection of Island Beauty the day before. The musk note here is just lovely and while I can tell there is vanilla in there as well it's a very subtle inclusion. A must try.

There is a vision of a dark haired woman in blue, catching the raindrops in her upturned palms as she turns round and round. Graceful and carefree. Notes of: lily, gardenia, meringue, ambered musk, vanilla, lily of the valley, summer rain, jasmine, sandalwood, and sweet wood musk. 

I read that description and just thought yes please! This is truly floral and yet always that note of summer rain. Something very unique for me and the name alone screams buy me! One on my wish list for the future.

Simple Love
A light, airy fragrance of euphoria, gentle and inviting. Like love, this has a delicate nature, yet invokes such powerful emotions. Let Simple Love surround you. Notes of: White Lily of the Valley, Dewy Moss, Pure Vanilla, Pink Jasmine, Mandarin Peel, Sweet Berry, and White Musk.

 This is definitely a lighter floral than rain dancer. A pretty fragrance, like the smell a beautiful bunch of flowers make in a room... you know it's just there and pleasant in the background when you walk in. The more I smell this the more I want... a common problem with this whole sample collection lol

Dragonfly Blue*
A cool ethereal scent of rain over pale moonflowers. Notes of: summer rain, moonflowers, musk, ozone, dry moss. 

This is one of two scents Wylde Ivy has that includes a Moonflower note. I adore Moonflower and this fragrance is just lovely. It's pretty and feminine and I swear I feel prettier when I wear it despite how odd I must look sniffing my wrists constantly lol. A full size is on it's way to me.

 * Now please check out Stef's blog or Ashlee's blog ASAP because some of these items are being discontinued at the end of October, I have highlighted these fragrances with an * above while some are going to be seasonal fragrances and I have highlighted those with an (s). I am almost finished reviewing the remaining scents so I can share my thoughts while these scents are still available.

All of these fragrances lasted really well and I have a sample of the Halloween collection on it's way to me with a full size of Dragonfly Blue and Island Beauty. Now consider yourselves enabled! lol


  1. Great reviews Chloe! They all sound amazing :) I am very keen to try them out!

  2. Oh Su I can't recommend her scents enough. And I really think there is something to suit everyone :)