Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Sassy Minerals Eye shadows

I am a big fan of mineral makeup with Sassy Minerals and Everyday Minerals being 2 of my favourite brands. However I am mindful that sometimes mineral eye shadows can be a little... well... boring. Well Sassy minerals turned that on it's head with their eye candies... have a look at these lovelies:

All pictures were taken without a primer in sunlight (yay Spring is here)

 From Left to Right: Legendary, Pixie Sprinkles, Fire Cracker, Deviant and Logical Choice

From left to right: Panache, Wanton Disregard, Apparition, After Party and Gasoline Rainbow

From left to right: False Pretenses, Lyrical and Dreamy

From left to right: Salt and Sand, My Idol and Impeccible

Aren't they just gorgeous? The last 3 I ordered in full sizes. Bliss!

All the important stuff you need to know:
What: Samples in a jar for 75 cents USD and Full sizes in a jar for $4.25 (buy 3 and get 15% off)
Service: Great site, great service.
Ingredients: I like mineral makeup but am not trying to avoid particular ingredients so I recommend you check that stuff out yourself if that is something important to you.
Postage: Reasonable and shipped quickly
Quality: 10/10, fab colours, easy to apply and blend - no chunky glitter here.

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  1. Ooooh Pretty! BUT not a fan of the top pic, love the last 3 colours on the 2nd pic, and love the bottom 2 pics!!! I want some!!!!!!

    Samples in a jar?! WOW!! thats a plus!!!