Thursday, October 21, 2010

Trial and Error: Another week (and a bit) with Wylde Ivy

If you read my previous post about Etsy store Wylde Ivy it would be pretty clear that I am a fan. A huge fan in fact and I think everyone needs to jump on board because these scents are lovely. So let's begin another week of samples shall we...

Dreaming of Violets*
A haunting blend of violets, summer blackberries, juicy clemetines, and white lilies all wrapped up in a base of soft musk and sweet delicate woods. 

Gosh that description is  perfect. When I wore this I immediately smelt the violet, a rich lush violet with the sweetness of the blackberries layered underneath and just when you think the scent is finished in comes the lily - and that is just in one breath. A lovely scent for all lovers of violets.

Dying red embers struggling to emit the palest glow. Ember is black vanilla, vetiver grass, wood smoke, cinnamon bark, and pomegranate.

You're probably wondering what I was thinking with this one and I was too... I probably read cinnamon and got excited. Ok this is spicy, warm spicy but it was enough to give me a headache. Then it faded and in came the smoke and I was happy again. Not for me... but lovely if you like the notes.

Sweet Haze*
Warm, delicate, and very uplifting like the morning mist burning off with the warm mid morning sun.
Notes of: bergamot, succulent mandarin, sweet jasmine petals, wild blackberry, blood orange, light amber, woody musk 

So let me guess you're thinking musky fruit bowl right..? I was after I read the notes but it isn't like that at all. The musk (which is lovely) seems to block the fruitiness leaving only the bergamot. This is a nice scent but for me it's not a must have.

This stunning cool floral blend invokes visions of sheer white petals glowing under the moonlight. Moonflowers are crisp white flowers that bloom under the rising moon. They fragrance the night with their gorgeous and subtle gardenia like fragrance. This is the scent of Moonflower petals wrapped in velvet moonlight, fresh jasmine and sandalwood, violets and sheer musk. This is a simply magnificent scent. 

Imagine my excitement at seeing a scent called Moonflower considering it is one of my fav notes (well so far... I think I've established before my nose is in it's infancy fragrance wise). Immediately I am hit with the strong scent of jasmine and moonflower. This is a heady floral... making me think of semi rural backwaters in the South of the states. I'm not sure if this is a stereotype given I have never been O/S but that's what it makes me think of. This is lovely but is a little too floral for me... it settles nicely but between this and dragonfly blue my preference is for the second. If you love floral and moonflower this is a must try.

Indigo Moon
Indigo Moon, dreamed into being by a Wylde Ivy customer, is sugared plums, soft red currants, sweet cream apples, vanilla drenched musk, and sheer white amber. The waning crescent moon hangs delicately in the ink blue sky as a 1000 glistening jeweled stars pierce the indigo night. 

Ok the sweetness of this one smacks you in the face... but that is no surprise given the notes. It is sweeeeeeeeeet! lol. I have to say that give this an hour or two and it settles nicely into something very wearable. This is just a little young for me... I think.. I was sucked in by the bottle label. lol

In the Rain

She turned to look at me and then her eyes fell back to the window. “Sometimes” she said, “I hear laughter in the rain and it makes me happy for that one small moment.” Notes: Pale blue water, crisp ozone, dewy spring greens, lemon laced white musk. 

Oh yes I love this stuff. It reminds me of that elusive beach scent and is also reminiscent of the Garden Bath's Salty Breeze which I also own). A lovely light fragrance. This is the second scent with Rain in the title, Raindancer being the second one I have sampled. To compare the two, Raindancer has a more white floral note to me while In the Rain is more of a pure water fragrance.

An extremely unique fragrance that is reminiscent of a vacation beach house windswept with cool fall beach breezes. Not a typical water scent by any means, this scent is fresh, sweet, and dreamlike blend of Coconut, Ginger, and Citrus fruits.

Ok now this was the one that suckered me in originally. A perfume called sandcastles with a coconut note... yes please. But this is the only fragrance I have not been able to try...I think it's the ginger...I just cannot bring myself to put it on and I swear it smells slightly minty but I have no idea why. This is one you'll have to try and make up your own minds on.

Just some details posted previously -
  •  Part 1 of my review can be found here
  • A 10 sample pack is $15USD 
  • A LE Halloween Collection is currently available until 31/10.
  • This is a fabulous store with high quality perfume blends and the owner Ashlee answers questions really quickly if you have any ... like I did.
 * Now please check out Stef's blog or Ashlee's blog ASAP because some of these items are being discontinued at the end of October, I have highlighted these fragrances with an * above while some are going to be seasonal fragrances and I have highlighted those with an (s). I am almost finished reviewing the remaining scents so I can share my thoughts while these scents are still available.

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