Monday, October 25, 2010

Eyeko Nail Polish - The Cult Classics and Vampira.

This week has been a bit up and down for me. Great because I got the job I worked hard to get (Go Team!), good because all my parcels came this week (oh except for my Essie order... next week hopefully) and then bad because I am stuck finishing a project that will never end and I am feeling my energy to get it done just drain away.

If you are anything like me you have been looking at swatches of Eyeko nail polish everywhere. I love how beauty stuff gets started...all is quiet and then whooosh the next exciting thing is EVERYWHERE. lol.

I am terribly susceptible to being enabled... especially with nail polish ... and lipstick... and eye shadow... hmmm ok let's leave it at I am susceptible to being enabled A LOT. So you can guess what happened... oh yes I had to buy some to be my very own. I ordered directly through the Eyeko website - which automatically converted to USD for me - which was a big help working out how much I was spending. lol

I ordered the collection called the Cult Classics because I am still on the hunt for perfect summer polish (I hope Esssie's Cantaloupe will fill that void for peachy shades when it finally arrives).

The Cult Classics ($21USD) includes 5 shades:
Cosmic - black with rainbow coloured sparkle
Indigo - dark blue polish with fine blue glitter
Nude -  um a nude? what can I say lol
Vintage - light pale green creme
Lilac - pale mauve creme

The website also had an online special of a free Vampira nail polish with orders over $15USD so in my case I ended up with six shades - Vampira is black with red glitter.

I think the point of difference for Eyeko is that they are a fun makeup brand. It seems to serve no purpose to compare them to OPI, Orly, China Glaze and Essie which are serious salon nail brands. Eyeko produces other makeup as well as polish... I am currently eyeing off their graffiti eyeliners after a rave by the Lip Print.

The packaging is gorgeous and they offer some really interesting shades, if not completely original. Eyeko branding is cute and much like the reviews I have seen they are pretty easy to work with and opaque in one coat. I think sometimes we can take makeup too seriously... I mean what's the point if we aren't enjoying ourselves right? In comes a brand like Eyeko and things get fun again.... take a look at the labels on the polishes in the pics above.

Now rather than spending the next 6 or so weeks trying every colour and putting up a slow progression of NOTD pics I thought I would use some of the nail wheels I recently ordered (oh there's a rant for another day I ordered 10 thinking I would need 2 but I have used 6 already and I'm not finished... GASP...reality check!).

Left to right: Cosmic, Vampira and Indigo

From left to right: Vintage, Nude, Lilac
I love the look of vintage and Lilac (which is currently on my hands now - I'll do a NOTD for that so this post isn't too image intensive).

Are these the best nail polishes I have ever used... no.... but they sure are pretty and fun to use... and sometimes we can all use a little fun. I'll definitely be giving these colours a workout over the next few months.

Have you tried Eyeko nail polish?  Were you a fan like me?

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  1. Well, as someone who tried these today, I must say they are super cool! My fave is definitely the vampira and it didn't matter that I put it over my red looks fantastic!! And now, because of you, i will be ordering!!