Sunday, October 24, 2010

Uban Decay Ammo Palette Swatches

I mentioned finally getting my hands on an Ammo palette here but didn't have a chance to get swatches done at the same time. Well here they are for those who are interested...

 Top line of the Ammo palette from left to right: Smog, Mildew, Oil Slick, Last Call and Chopper

Bottom line of the Ammo palette: Maui Wowi, Shattered, Polyester Bride, Grifter and Sin

  • My Favourites: Pretty much the whole top line and Sin but I loves my neutrals
  • Disappointments: Polyester Bride does not give good pay off but it is a highlight colour
  • Who this is good for: Anyone interested in UD as this is a great smaller palette and people wanting to experiment more with colour because this has green, blue and a couple of purplish shades as well as great neutrals and a sparkly black too.
  • Skip this if: Not so much skip but do more research if you already have UD BoS palettes... Makeup BFF Dee and I checked and I think there are 6 of the same colours in the Alice in Wonderland but this is much more practical and easily transportable than those fab palettes.

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