Sunday, September 11, 2011

Review: Sukin Cream Cleanser

I mentioned on here recently that I was on the hunt for a new cleanser and I went browsing at Priceline to see what was on offer. At the time I looked past Sukin in favour of another brand which was also espousing to be natural. The cleanser I bought then was so strongly scented it's now sitting in the back of the bathroom cupboard.

Soon after I decided to go back and purchase the Sukin creamy cleanser and after one use I realised I had been a complete and utter idiot to have walked past it the first time because this product is INCREDIBLE. Perhaps even HOLY GRAIL incredible and here's why...

Packaging: I'm biased where packing is concerned - I am cynical about gold acrylic jars and favour simple packaging and love either pump packaging or tubes where possible. Put the money into the product not the packaging IMO. Sukin's packaging is both simple and memorable so it gets two big thumbs up.

Smell: Oh my god... It is just lovely. I love putting this stuff on because of how it smells. The scent is very herbal and calming to me. According to their website their products include a "generous blend of active botanicals, 100% essential oils and natural ingredients" which probably explains their herbal rather than perfumey smell. Think Clarins versus Lancome here. The scent is mild so don't be scared off by the description above.

Texture: Gorgeous, soothing, rich, creamy, nourishing (if you can even feel that in a cleanser's texture). This is a cream cleanser so there is no lathering. The first couple of times I used it I was worried about my skin breaking out because it felt so nourishing. I needn't have worried because it's done nothing except make my skin feel better. I also use a face washer to remove cleansers anyway and there has never been an issue of residue being left behind. This product leaves my face feeling clean but not tight or dry.

I don't use this to remove my eye makeup because I don't like the idea of rubbing it in but that is my personal preference. I am in no way saying it is not capable of removing eye makeup if you wanted to use it that way (I honestly don't know if it would work - if you have tried it please leave a comment below).

Performance against its claims:
They Say:
  • Essential oils and botanical extracts work to remove make-up and surface grime as it nourishes the skin with oils of rosehip, avocado and wheat germ.
  • An infusion of aloe vera, burdock, horsetail and nettle will leave skin feeling clean and refreshed.
I say:
  • It certainly does remove my makeup remembering that I do not use super long wearing foundations.
  • My skin does feel clean and refreshed after cleansing. I have also noticed my skin is less red as well.

Value for Money:
Ok here is where my love for this product may become a little sickening...

You get 125ml for less than $10 (I purchased mine at 20% off) and usually all I need is one pump. Not only that but Sukin are Australian owned, they avoid using the nasty ingredients, they do not test on animals and their products are carbon neutral. I freaking love the idea of this company and am even happier now because the product stood up to my hopes for it. This cleanser is worth every penny and I will be buying it again. I am also using their Hand and Nail cream which I will be reviewing soon.

What have you tried from Sukin?


  1. Thanks Jac I have wanted to know about that brand just might go ahead and buy.Love the pump bottle.

  2. It's so worth it Jo... I kept thinking to myself why is this so cheap, quite frankly they could have charged a lot more for this.

  3. I've used the gel/slightly foaming cleanser of theirs and quite liked it, but the herbal smell was pretty powerful in that one. I think they're pretty good products for the price.

  4. Nat - I noticed that the scent was less in the hand cream I am using so I wonder if that kind of changes from product to product in the range?

  5. I have used the moisturiser from Sukin and loved it! Looks like I need the cream cleanser in my life! Great review :)

  6. Su - awesome news as I picked that up to use at night when my latest jar of Palmers was finished -I'm still waiting cos that stuff lasts forever lol.

  7. I've always seen Sukin, but never tried them. I think you've given me the push I need to give them a go :O I love discovering Aussie brands!

  8. I love Sukin- great prices and the ingredients list reads like any high-end organic skincare brand, i think its always great value and kind to your skin

  9. Fables - do it... consider yourself enabled!

    MMB&I - totally agree. So impressed.

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