Sunday, September 18, 2011

Well where the hell have you been? (and a thank you)

As I indicated in my last post I wanted to catch up on what you all have been posting about so I made a deal with myself - no posting until google reader is empty. Well this morning my google reader sits at ZERO and I came over to my blog to post an update and found I had finally cracked 100 followers (woo hoo!).
So this update also becomes a huge thank you to everyone who has followed my blog, reads my posts, takes time to comment and generally makes my day by participating in my blogger conversation (which is often a ramble of sheer craziness). You should read my twitter.... lol.

I had planned a giveaway at 100 followers just kidding... it's all ready to go once I take a picture detailing what's in there.

Also can I seek some blogger tech support - has anyone put google analytics on their blog and if so where did you put the code (that's where it became a bit too technical for me). If there is a post somewhere to follow please let me know.

Have an awesome week and thanks again

Jac x


  1. Congrats on getting 100 followers! YAAAAY!

  2. Yay, glad you hit 100 :)
    I don't use google analytics but I use Stat Counter. Go to 'Layout' click on 'Add a gadget' Go to 'Add your own'. Copy and paste the URL from Google Analytics there. Hope that helps! x

  3. Thanks gorgeous people! It was a lovely surprise when I came to look at my own blog.

  4. I think i recall adding my google analytics code into my template somewhere.
    You know who is excellent with blogger- Anita (@vulcanella) on twitter- she helped me immensely when i set up my blog