Saturday, September 3, 2011

Review: Body Shop earth lovers shower gel

When I attended the Adelaide Beauty Conference recently and received a truly mind blogging number of products to try, I spied a favourite of mine already -The Body Shop's earth lovers shower gel. I received a bottle in the scent Fig and Rosemary and I have previously purchased from this range in the Cucumber and Mint scent which I have been working my way through ever since. Since I am almost out of the C&M one I was really excited to see the F&R one in my bag.

So let's get to the review shall we?

Packaging: In a word I love it. You know I like any packaging pretty much unless it is cheap and nasty but I like both the colour and slim design of these bottles - I can fit them into my shower caddy (I'm practical by nature people). I especially love the bottle images on the C&M one just because I love cucumber so much.

Smell: The C&M one is probably the nicest scent I have ever smelt in a shower gel FULL STOP. It is a perfect blend of the freshness of cucumber and the sweetness of the mint that just makes it so delightful to use when I am cold and tired having a shower in the morning.

The F&R one is less crisp as it has the sweetness of fig and the warmth of rosemary (look I am crap and trying to describe scents put your imagination caps on please).  The scent of the F&R one overall is less strong than the C&M so keep that in mind if strong smells upset your constitution.

According to TBS website, this range comes in 5 scents so there is something to please everyone. I am eyeing off the watermelon and eucalyptus one as we speak.

Texture: The gel is not too runny and lathers really well (I love that). It makes me feel clean without drying my skin - it's just a good quality, yummy smelling shower gel. There is nothing especially moisturising about either formula so you may notice a difference if you use more creamy shower washes with shea butter etc.

Performance against it's claims:

They say:
  • This shower gel is 100% Biodegradable, colour free, SLES and paraben free.
  •  Your skin will be left soft and smooth thanks to cucumber and mint extracts, and Community Fair Trade aloe vera.
  • Your skin will be left soft and smooth thanks to fig and rosemary extracts, and Community Fair Trade aloe vera.  
I say:
  • Um I have no way of testing if that stuff is true - so let's assume it is and Yay for that!
  • My skin is soft and smooth - and smells yummy
  • Um.... ditto

Value for money: Each bottle contains 250ml and costs $14.95. Let's be honest- you can get a butt-load of cheapo supermarket body wash for that, however the point of TBS to me is their ethos and quality of product. I can't get a cucumber and mint shower gel from the supermarket - and even if I could I would still buy TBS one if I had the spare cash because it doesn't have some of the nasties other products do and it lasts forever. If you can afford to spend the doolies then I highly recommend.

Have you tried any of this range - what did you think?

Disclaimer: As stated above I purchased the C&M shower gel, while the other was provided to me as an attendee of the Adelaide Beauty Conference.


  1. These sound great. I have sensitive skin though. I imagine that since they are free of SLS that they wouldn't be too bad. I am loving the look of the cucumber fragrance!

  2. I got the fig and rosemary one as well. Now I'm all curious as to what the cucumber ones smells like!

    When I first got the parcel, one of the bottle caps had broken off and its content was all over the bag. You should have smelt that. My entire kitchen had the scent lingering for hours after!! (I was cleaning off the mess in the kitchen)

    Great minds - I'm about to post this review later this week haha.

  3. MMmm my god I want them both!!! Perhaps next time I'm near the body shop I'll pop in and have a lookie :)

  4. Am trying to go SLS free, these sound yummo, love fig anything but the c&m would be fab in summer I reckon

  5. Tara - the cucumber and mint is my fav... so far lol.

    Celeste - Oh no - what a bummer. Can't wait to read your review as well :)

    Jade - they are sooooo nice. Treat yourself STAT.

    Me My Best and I - C&M is a perfect summer one. Mind you I am such a cucumber freak I used mine all through winter too.

  6. Wow, sounds really fresh and nice! Perfect for summer :) I am a fan of TBS!