Monday, September 19, 2011

NOTD: Orly's Pure Porcelain

I've decided this week is friends week on the blog. One of the loveliest things about blogging is the genuinely lovely people I have met and so all of my NOTDs this week feature polishes generously given to me by other bloggers. And free polish is the BEST kind of polish there is :D

Today's post is about a colour I could not get out of my mind from the moment I saw it - Orly's Pure Porcelain. I happened to mention this (I think) on twitter and the talented and witty Stacey of Add to Cart  offered to share hers with me. Thank you Stacey  - I love it - squeee!

Prior to this I had not used any Orly polish but I have to say I am impressed. Despite being a nude shade this was quite easy to apply and very opaque. All pictures here were with 2 coats and no top coat (not sure I'd like this with a shiny finish).

Here's the funny thing though, the first time I applied this I hated it on me. So I waited a couple of weeks and chopped my nails down before trying this again and now I love it. This is a colour that is made for short nails - hat's off Orly cos I really love this one now.

Any other Orly colours I need to try?


  1. Very chic shade. I've not tried Orly polishes - Yet!!

  2. I quite like this color! This would be perfect for me for work- now on my shopping list.
    I like short nails on you, they look really healthy and well done.

  3. Friends week, what a cute idea! :)

    So glad to see a nail post by you! This color is lovely.

  4. Vita - thanks I like it too :)

    Taea - perfect work colour T and I think I like my nails shorter too.

    Vintage - thanks lovely. More nail posts to come this week too.

  5. Now there is a nice nude- youve similar skin tone to me and I find it hard to get a nude that looks good, this works!!