Sunday, September 25, 2011

Review: SAX Sheer Lip Colour Lipstick in Sheer Nude (34)

Well those of you who read my blog already know of my addiction to all things polish, what I may have been able to hide better is my equally disturbing addiction to lipsticks. I love them... and if you believe Dee... I buy them all in the same colour although I maintain that I have enough swatches on here already to disprove that theory! :)

Anyway (moving on, nothing to see here) a new lovely that I have been using is from SAX Cosmetics which, if you haven't heard of them before, is an Australian owned family business. SAX items are for sale through pharmacies which in my case makes them a little hard to find, but an extensive list of stockists is available from their website.

Packaging: I love the packaging - it's simple, classy and I love how you have to press the bottom to open the lipstick.

Smell: For those worried about scents there is one - it's sweet, maybe caramel but definitely not overpowering or sickly. There is also a slight taste, it's not unpleasant but just mentioning it is there in case you decide to try.

Texture: The lipstick is lovely and creamy and in a way reminiscent of a lip balm. When I went and looked at their website I now understand why as these lipsticks contain Candelilla & Beeswax, Lanolin and Silk Powder. The effect of wearing this lipstick remains even after the colour has gone (and as a nibbler of lipstick nothing really lasts past an hour or two on me). This lipstick feels like I am doing a good thing for my lips.

Below I have shown my lips with lipstick (first), then without any lip product so you can see the difference (middle) and just a swatch on my hand for comparison (third).

 Performance against it's claims:
  • They say "It provides a light, silky feel and helps prevent dryness" and I would definitely agree with that. 
  • Sax also say that the Sheer range is designed to give a "sheer tint of colour to the lips" and I would say it does that (and on me a little more).

Value for Money: These lipsticks retail for $14.95 AUD. Now I compared this lipstick to others in my collection and consider this most closely aligned to a MAC Lustre (my favourite finish) in terms of look and feel on the lips. The packaging is clearly on par with MAC - which in Australia retail for more than $30 so I think these lipsticks are great value at less than half the price.

My wish for SAX is that they get into the spotlight by being in a Priceline or a department store - like Face of Australia and Australis so that we can buy easily from local companies who are so clearly producing quality products. Having said that they are available in more than 20 chemists in South Australia alone so it's not like they aren't around if you make the effort to look (and I will be from now on).

What have you tried from SAX?

Disclaimer: I received this lipstick as an attendee of the Adelaide Beauty Conference.


  1. That lippie sounds lovely, and it looks fabulous on you! :)

    I haven't heard much about this brand.

  2. Oh thanks Vintage :) Yeah this brand is definitely under tha radar.