Sunday, September 11, 2011

Two-way Street.

File this post under - "it's not good enough and I want to make a change".

Today (and periodically in the past) I have noticed that I'm finding time to write my own blog posts but no time to read and comment on other bloggers' work. I believe that blogging is a conversation and that it relies on me making time to read and comment on what you are writing about as well as you doing the same for me. So I am making a mental change - I am going to treat blog post reading like I treat email - I am going to make time everyday to do it.

I know it may seem weird to draw attention to this but I'm not happy with being so behind in reading your posts and I want to back myself into a corner and be accountable for my actions. So as of 6.16pm Sunday 11 September I have 750 posts in my google reader which will take some time to work through but I will keep you informed of my progress. In the meantime prepare yourself for my random comments on your old posts.

Hope you all have a great week and I look forward to reading your posts.

Jac x


  1. Awww, you are so sweet! Don't be too harsh on yourself though. I love reading your comments :) I'm bad that way, I comment on posts that I really have something to say about, though I read all the posts in my google reader, well, almost! I should be more regular too.

  2. Ha! I was starting to wonder about the comments on my old posts! Seriously, I think we're all guilty of this! I follow so many blogs but probably get the time to post on maybe 5 a day (if that!) Plus I usually read posts on Google Reader as it's quicker than loading each blog individually, and until Google Reader enables commenting right there and then I'll prob continue to keep up with commenting.

    So don't be so hard on yourself, and hope you catch up on your 750 unread posts soon.

    PS: I thought you'd be glad peachy cheeks were back!

  3. I noticed you'd dropped by tonight. Welcome back! I understand completely. I try and keep up but it's all too easy to fall behind. :)

  4. Same same same, so I just cleared my reader and have started again! I do believe its a 2 ways street and comments shows your support to a blog you enjoy but it can be so hard to stay on top!! I've shortlisted my reader right down to my favs!

  5. Su - thanks lovely

    Lilit - yeah commenting in google reader - would be AWESOME!

    Vita - I've been loving your polish swatches

    MMB&I - so hard to stay on top but I'll try :D